Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners Discover 7 Voicemail Tips And 7 Marketing Tips That Can Spark Their Profits

Kruger is a published author. Business Expert Press published Top Market Strategy: Applying the 80/20 Rule in 2011. Marketing professors around the world are adopting her book for their marketing classes. Barry Silverstein praises her college supplement as a profit-generating tool. In summary, BetsyKruger.com provides marketing tips to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her upcoming book, “Aesops Rules: Timeless Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs” coaches them to create action plans that will spark their profits. Dr. Betsy Kruger speaker, coach and author is the founder of Strategic Power, an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau. She has over fifteen years of experience in leading marketing research projects for a variety of corporate clients. Betsy has taught marketing for over ten years at the Thunderbird School of Global Management and other business schools. She has coached thousands of start-up entrepreneurs to be successful.
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The Importance Of ‘Strategy’ In Content Marketing Strategy

The Importance Of ‘Strategy’ In Content Marketing Strategy image patrick sitkins march 200x150

This applies for Content Marketingperhapsmore than any other Digital Marketing method, as changing landscapes often means changing content. In order to produce the most innovative and engaging content possible, Businesses must maintain strategic focus. Identify your audience Step one in engaging your audience through informative and interesting content, is actually identifying your audience. Before you can determine what topics you should cover and your preferred style of content delivery, you must think about what content marketing is. Its about attracting an audience and gaining their trust by publishing information that informs and/or entertains them. Naturally, you wont be able to inform and entertain your audience if you dont know who they are and what interests them. From a B2B perspective, knowing what it is that youre looking for with your Content Marketing plan can help you identify the businesses you should be targeting. Subsequently, developing a clear picture of why you want the attention of that target audience will help you to decide what your content should say about you and the services you offer. Getting your content out there The question of Content delivery is about much more than a LinkedIn vs.
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Marketing Strategy

While its easier said than done, once you learn to be disciplined and not allow emotion to influence your decisions, vente a domicile your marketing can go to the next level. Roth puts it this way: To make money in the market, remove the human element from the equation. He provides several examples in his article on ways to remove the “human element” that apply to marketing. Here are two that I particularly liked: Dont Follow. He says, “If you do what everyone else is doing, youre likely to get burned.” I encourage you to be the contrarian hes talking about. When everyone is bullish, find a reason to be bearish without going to extremes. All the time we get asked what the consensus is among producers, are they selling or not? If we say that everyone wants to sell, they respond by saying they want to sell too. Thats the worst way to reach a decision. If you find everyone is selling corn, its probably time for you to buy. In most years, corn producers are not as far sold as they hoped to be by summer.
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Century 21 Real Estate Speeds Up Its Marketing Strategy With USA Bobsled and Skeleton Team Sponsorship

The sled made its debut at the CENTURY 21 Senior Leadership Conference in Miami earlier today. “Our sponsorship of the USA Bobsled and Skeleton Team is another example of our position as the ‘Smarter. Bolder. Faster.’ real estate team in the industry,” said Bev Thorne, Chief Marketing Officer, Century 21 Real Estate LLC. “Whether it’s the Super Bowl, the Bobsled team, U.S. Soccer, or the Indy 500, we are committed to showcasing the capabilities of our sales professionals in front of the largest audiences on a global scale, and in association with world-class events.” The CENTURY 21 bobsled will be seen during the entire 2013-2014 World Cup season. The tour includes stops in Calgary, Canada; Park City, Utah; Lake Placid, N.Y.; Winterberg, Germany; St. Moritz, Switzerland; Igls, Austria; and Koenigssee, Germany. “We have an ambitious growth plan and this initiative will help us as we continue to build our presence in the United States and around the globe,” said Rick Davidson, president and CEO, Century 21 Real Estate LLC. “Our brokers and agents will benefit from the visibility and credibility a campaign like this will generate from real estate consumers and fans of the Games.” “We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with CENTURY 21 for the Olympic season,” said Darrin Steele, USBSF CEO.
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