Why Offline Businesses Need Online Marketing

HOW TO: Sync Your Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

Mobile searches triggered an additional action or conversion 73% of the time; and 28% of mobile searches resulted in a store visit or purchase. Since mobile searches are on the rise , this behavior is only going to continue to increase. How do consumers search for businesses? 90% use a search engine 48% use the online Yellow Pages 42% use comparison shopping websites Embracing and online marketing can help you get the edge on your competition; especially when you take into consideration that a recent study shows that 50% of small businesses online listings are incorrect and 70% of small business owners state they do not have time to keep their online listings updated. Therefore, something as simple as updating and optimizing your online listings, including the Yellow Pages, will give your business the edge over the competition. Four takeaways for brick and mortar businesses looking to take advantage of online marketing: With so much of your competition having an incorrect listing or nonexistent presence online, taking just a few minutes to fill in the data about your business in your online listing will make your business more visible to consumers searching for the products or services you sell, even if you do not sell anything online. Websites for your local business should include a responsive design so that it can be easily read via mobile devices.
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The Online – Offline Marketing Chasm

The event itself took place in January, but Antler kicked things off on Facebook in October with a call for amateur comedians across the U.S. to compete in the festival. People could view and vote for the competitors through a custom Facebook app, and more 40,000 people voted within three weeks. The online engagement and voting not only built enough buzz for a successful turnout, but also determined the make-up of the event itself. There’s an extended, social audience that is just waiting to share its opinion on everything you’re doing, and it’s much bigger than the one that’s going to show up to anything offline. Let that audience build your buzz for you. Sharing Is Caring We are perpetual sharers. We broadcast the things we do across the social web, and we engage with people and things we love in real time.
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SES San Francisco

25% of the respondents didnt even think that supporting offline efforts through e-mail was important at all. Huh? Really?! Over the years the Internet marketing community has worked so hard to establish itself that it may be moving toward alienating itself to some degree. Whether we Internet marketers want to admit it or not there is still a substantial offline marketing world out there that is very effective. One of the great things about the online marketing space is the ability to help make offline channels more efficient and more lucrative. By identifying places where offline marketing spend is being under-utilized or outright wasted we can save money. The areas that are left stand to benefit from the online efforts thus creating a holistic approach to reaching the customer or prospect rather than building fences around the online and offline channels. If companies are serious that revenue generation is the number one objective for e-mail marketing the idea of supporting every marketing effort, both offline and online, should be a vente a domicile very close second in importance. Until marketers stop being territorial and actually integrating online and offline efforts fully, success wont be what it could be.
Pour la version originale de l’article, voir http://www.marketingpilgrim.com/2010/12/the-online-%e2%80%93-offline-marketing-chasm.html


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