10 Easy Sales Strategies for Small Companies

TopLine Strategies Adds Sales Talent with Hoffler

Or youve got to be at the customers service faster. Or, better yet, all of the above. Strategy #2: Treat Your Weaknesses as Strengths. Customers may not know your firm (a weakness) but they don’t have negative preconceptions either (a strength). You may not have an expense account for a fancy lunch (a weakness) but you can show your customer that you dont waste money (a strength). Your firm might have meager higher prices (a weakness) but youre willing to craft flexible terms (a strength.) Strategy #3: Exhibit Extreme Confidence. People who sell for small firms can scuttle their credibility by trying to explain away the inexperience or size of their firm. aller
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Sales Strategy Examples

Finance Sat, Aug 17, 2013, 1:14 AM EDT – U.S. Markets closed TopLine Strategies Adds Sales Talent with Hoffler Leading Arizona IT Services firm appoints Mike Hoffler to Regional VP of Sales Press Release: TopLine Strategies Thu, Aug 15, 2013 7:00 AM EDT Print SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –TopLine Strategies announced today the hire of Mike Hoffler as Regional VP of Sales. TopLine Strategies delivers the complete integration, development, and staff augmentation services of sales and marketing technologies to corporations and institutions. “I am delighted to announce Mike Hoffler’s addition to TopLine Strategies. I have known Mike for years and he is extraordinary. Mike has impressive credentials in the technology consulting industry. Moreover, his ability to bring meaningful advisory and client services to marketing leadership, sales executives, and CIOs is second to none,” stated TopLine Strategies CEO Tim Fargo. Hoffler brings twenty years of CRM and marketing automation sales leadership to his new role. Mike served as the Director of Enterprise Sales at Interact Commerce Corporation (ICC). He was a part of the executive team that brought ICC to rapid revenue growth and a successful IPO. Hoffler was also Director of Solution Consulting at Lead MD, a Marketo solutions provider; and VP of Business Development at CalmSea Inc., a nurture marketing technology services firm. Mike Hoffler stated, “TopLine Strategies has long been the dominant force in the Southwest with results-oriented delivery of CRM, Interactive Marketing, BI/Analytics and the related technologies. TopLine’s long-term client relationships and market share success are a result of deep expertise and uncompromising client service quality. It is a privilege to be part of the TopLine Strategies’ team.” About TopLine Strategies TopLine Strategies ( http://www.toplinestrategies.com ) delivers to their corporate clientele the complete integration, development, and staff augmentation services for CRM, Marketing Automation, Mobile App. Dev., BI/Analytics, and advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies. TopLine Strategies’ project management is designed to achieve 100% user adoption of the technologies implemented, and deliver measurable returns on investment for clients. Reach Topline Strategies anytime on Twitter or Facebook . Contact:
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Lowering prices reduces your profit margins but increases your sale volumes. Raising prices can reduce your sales volume but give you a higher profit margin per unit. If you can accurately project the effect of different price points on sales volume, you can develop the optimal strategy for creating profits. Using Middlemen If your expertise is in making and marketing something, but not in selling it, you can use a sales strategy that employs wholesalers, retailers, manufacturer reps and agents to sell your product for you. Depending on the commissions or discounts you need to offer these people, youll need to set different pricing levels to create your profit margins. Direct Selling If you sell directly to consumers, using a retail store, website, direct mail or ads that include a toll-free number, you cut out the middleman and his costs. This is called direct selling, and it increases your costs in other areas, such as advertising, order-taking and fulfillment. Consultative Selling One way to sell products or services is to become somewhat of a marketing partner to a potential client. This involves learning about the customers business, its target customers, competitors and marketplace situation so you can demonstrate how your product or service fits in with his goals and brand strategies.
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